Content of the Sketchnoting (Visual Note Taking) tutorial

With Sketchnoting, a form of note-taking, participants will improve their visual thinking skills and move away from the classical text-taking technique. In this way, they will experience practically that the notes taken stay in memory more easily than the notes taken as text. With this training, visual memory and visual thinking skills will be triggered, as well as an opportunity to learn a fun and useful note-taking technique that can be used both in daily and business life.

The language of the sketchnoting training is Turkish and the training takes 1 full day. Main headings are as follows.

Training Titles

    • What is Sketchnoting?
    • Why Sketchnoting?
    • Visual Memory Study
    • Basic Shapes and Concepts
    • Facts and Ways of Drawing
    • Page Usage and Layout
    • Page Usage's Examples
    • Visual Storywork
    • Subject-Specific Sketchnoting
    • Sketchnoting Usage Areas

Sketchnoting (Visual Note Taking) Training

Sketchnoting; In simple terms, it is to make that note both more memorable and more fun by making visual doodles while taking notes. It is the transformation of ordinary written text into a visual story. The human brain responds 40% more with the visuals it sees compared to the texts it reads. Sketchnoting in every aspect of life; It is an enjoyable form of note-taking used in travel, school, work, and meetings.

Who should attend the Sketchnoting (Visual Note Taking) training?

Sketchnoting (Visual Note Taking) training is suitable for anyone interested in sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting Training Pre-Registration Form