Kanban Management Professional II (KMP II)

Managing and developing a Kanban initiative: Going beyond the team level.

    This 2-day training is for managers and also anyone who wants to intensify in the Kanban Method® and design their own Kanban Systems.

    Also known as Kanban Management Professional II (KMP II), this course builds on the foundations established with Kanban System Design (KMP I).
    Participants are qualified to get KMP certificate with Lean Kanban University® by completing KMP I and KMP II courses.

    Day-to-day Management with Kanban; Loops of Information Flow; Scaling Kanban Systems; Effective Metrics. Get the necessary information for the generation and daily use of Kanban Systems. Learn how to manage, optimize, scale and improve Kanban Systems over time.


    • Managing Change with an Evolutionary Approach
    • Struggling Resistance to Change
    • Loops of Information Flow and Continuous Learning
    • Implementing and Scaling Kanban
    • Balancing Demand and Capacity
    • Optimizing Flow and Predictability


    Continuous improvement practice for sustainable customer satisfaction.


    1.  Gün

    • Why Kanban?
    • Basic Approaches to Kanban
    • Evolutionary Change (A Case Study)
    • Kanban Method (Compilation)
    • Kanban for Enterprises: Service-focused, Scaling, and Upstream Kanban
    • Are Clients Satisfied? Feedback Loops

    2 . Gün

    •  Communication flow for business agility
    • Development Techniques:
      • Performance Measurement
      • Disruption and Dependencies
      • Bottlenecks
      • General Expenses and Inefficiencies
    • Managing Evolutionary Change

    Participants are expected to read "Kanban" by David J. Anderson or "Inside Kanban" by Mike Burrows.

    Who should attend?
    This training is for project managers, product managers, business unit leaders, change agents, Kanban Coaches, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, consultants and C-level managers who want to obtain business agility and should meet one of the criteria below:

    • People who are currently using a Kanban system
    • Previously experienced Kanban Systems
    • Those who are currently in the KMP training process

    Participants who complete both Kanban Systems Design Course and this course will earn the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certificate.