Agile Leadership Course

Content of Agile Leadership Training With the Agile Leadership Training, participants will experience breakthrough managerial practices in accordance with the Agile approach, which is suitable for the creative, new digital world, beyond traditional management models.
Agile Leadership Training takes 2 full days. Participants will be given a certificate of participation.
The main topics of the Agile Leadership Training content are as follows.

    Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Agile
  • Value orientation
  • Empiricism & Leadership
  • Efficiency and productivity perspective
  • Focusing for Productivity
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Non-hierarchical team-based organizations
  • The new way of working and the new role of management
  • Kaizen
  • 2nd Day

  • Feedforward
  • Transition from just implementing to innovative and productive teams
  • Agile metrics and measurement
  • Performance evaluation approaches
  • Traditional habits and Agile transformation
  • Decision making delegation
  • New generation organization models

Agile Leadership Course

The purpose of Agile Leadership Training is to create awareness about Agile leadership thinking, focus and behaviors, and to begin the learning journey of the Agile leader, to develop agile leadership competence and maturity that increases their effectiveness in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Who Should Attend the Agile Leadership Training?

Managers, team members, Scrum Masters, or anyone who wants to improve their leadership competencies can participate in this training. Although there are no prerequisites to participate in the training, taking the Agile Fundamentals Training will increase the benefit of the training.

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