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There cannot be a single valid model for every organization

It is impossible to exist a prescription or a solution for Agile transformation on behalf of every situation and every organization. Instead of pushing organizations to make them suitable for an Agile practice, providing them to adopt the most suitable style of Agile approach will be more accurate.

Unique Transformation Strategy

Every company and every team Agile have their own Agile transformation journey that is one of a kind. Agile transformation strategy forms the basis of the roadmap with the intent of shortening the time-to-market of product or services', actualizing a value-driven production understanding.

Cultural Transformation

If Agile transformation does not trigger a cultural transformation that means there is a problem in the transformation itself. Creating teams and following just specific routines without understanding the Agile philosophy thoroughly will provide surface-level Agility solely.

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is the elimination of constraints and waste that prevent the potential of an organization from being revealed. With the implementation of a new approach, a change occurs in the entire corporate culture.


Main Features of Agile Organizations

Their strategies should be updated constantly, employees should be enabled to make decisions for tough situations and projects, uncertainty about flexibility and speed must be addressed, the unexpected change should be seen as an opportunity for transformation.

Ability to Adapt to Changes

Organizational Agility is the ability of an organization as a whole organization to respond quickly or adapt to changes in the market, competitors, technology, or any other situation that affects its activities.

Determination of Opportunities and Value Procurement

Agility, identifying opportunities and challenges presented by the changing external environment, it refers to the efficiency and competence of taking the necessary resources from various departments of the organization and activating them externally in order to obtain value from the opportunities determined at the end of the identification and evaluation.

Business Agility

There must be a continuous relationship between the organization and the market on behalf of overcome the uncertainty, deterioration, and the speed of change. The essence of the Business Agility is arranging the organization strategy, setup, and operations constantly in order to show performance effectively in changing work environment.

Business Agility

Being Agile is the way of continuous improvement in any organization. Agility enables you to offer better products, create a motivating and innovative workspace, communicate with clients, and access to market more quickly. It is a unique journey of every organization and every team.

Primary Characteristics of Agile Leaders

Agile leaders are the leaders that can make joint decisions with teams that maintain an inclusive and innovative stance. They inspire others successfully with their passion of learning, their focus of improving people, their strong ability to determine and canalize the vision. They have all the competence to become the mediator of change in any organization.

Agile Leadership Approach

Agile leaders focus on the team members' requirements. They accept other people's perspectives, give the attention they needed to complete their work and meet their personal goals, include them in decisions in appropriate circumstances and create a sense of community in their teams. That causes higher attendance, more confident and stronger relationships.

Coaching for Agile Leadership

We assist the leaders in compliance with the goal of your organization, servant leadership, creating the agile culture, ensuring that teams are self-organizing and managing, distributing authority, measuring team performance, working within time and distance limits, personal effectiveness and empowerment.

New Generation Leadership

Transparency and visibility are a new obligation for leaders. New generation employees are demanding more from their leaders, they have different claims and motivations. Traditional organizations and leaders are falling behind the competition. Agile leadership alters the conventional point of view entirely.

Product Vision and Strategy

Product planning is as significant in an agile context as in a traditional setting. Unfortunately, some organizations neglect strategic planning aspects by focusing on product planning only. However, discovering the accurate user stories and UX design is difficult if we do not consider the product strategy; it is difficult to choose the right strategy if the product we want to acquire does not have a vision.

Strategy and Product Roadmap

Strategy and roadmap are important tools: The product strategy specifies how you plan to achieve product success; product roadmap is a prediction about how the product will grow.

Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management signifies maintaining the alignment between strategy and execution and creating continuous feedback loops to inform portfolio management decisions. It is necessary to balance portfolio investments with business value, speed and tenderness. Transparency, accordance and focus have a significant role in implementing business strategies.

Agile Portfolio Management

Portfolio management will not be Agile if it violates the values ​​and principles of the Agile Manifesto. Therefore, portfolio management should be value and delivery oriented. Portfolio management allows organizations to select, prioritize and execute value-generating change attempts at the optimum level by coordinating processes and decision-making flows.

Organizational Agility Assessment

We evaluate the agility level of the organizational structure, processes, product or service development approach and culture. We detect the opportunities and challenges for agility growth and expansion. We report this evaluation to the organization, including the required actions for the development and agility of the organization in detail.

Team Agility Assessment

It is the process of compiling and reporting the findings obtained as a result of short surveys or other tools aimed at generating quantitative data to support qualitative information gathered through interviews with team members, partners, managers and clients.

Product Management Agility Assessment

We evaluate current agile product management practices and identify improvement opportunities. We analyze the value chain in order to make sure all stakeholders are aligned to create the right increment. After considering the role and department interactions that support the decision-making process, we create an action plan to implement the necessary changes.

Agility Assessment

Our Agile maturity assessment service aims to identify the strong and development areas of the organizations and the actions that can be implemented during the agile transformation journey.

The focus of our Agile services is to guide organizations to create business value.

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Successful transformation experiences in different sectors!


We continue to support Garanti BBVA Technology's Agile journey, which is the biggest transformation of the region. We consult to the Agile transformation of Vakıfbank. We are also experienced in the banking sector with the trainings we provided to Albaraka Türk Participation Bank and Ziraat Bank.


We are experienced in the insurance sector. We provided consultancy to the organizational Agility transformation of Allianz Insurance. we also provided Agile trainings to the Groupama Insurance.


We gained experience in the automotive industry with 2 Agile Coaches, 1 Scrum Master and 1 Product Owner, who performed Borusan Otomotiv Agile transformation and program management.

E-Commerce and Technology

We are experienced in the e-commerce and technology sector with the training and consultancy activities we provide in many organizations such as EmlakJet, HepsPay, Hepsiburada, Morhipo, TAV Technology, VNGRS, IBSS.

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