About the CSM® Course

You have chosen the Scrum Alliance Scrum Master Certificate, which is the most popular worldwide. Congratulations!

With our course, you have set yourself even more: Following to the CSM® certificate, you want to implement your experiences in the class with corresponding attitude (mindset) and gain further experience as a CSM®. You want to advance your business.

We want to support you in your project with our many years of coaching and coaching experience. That’s why we offer you three days course as well.

Being a CSM® is underrated by many as the role is „only“ associated with a facilitator, who moderates the Scrum events.

CSM® is much more than a facilitator. This role requires a high level of leadership and coaching quality, mentoring, and coaching skills.

We want you, in addition to the acquisition of CSM® certificate, to be able to start the agile transformation, to tune the team to high performance and to implement the Scrum Framework with healthy self-confidence.
You are about to take your most effective steps and experience changes in a course with a maximum of 12 people (3 days).


Basics of Scrum and Agility

Scrum values and principles of agile functioning

The Scrum Framework: Roles, Meetings, and Artifacts

From the vision to the product

Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective

Building a culture of continuous improvement

The necessary knowledge to certify the Scrum Alliance

Scrum Master as a coach

Scrum Master as coach

Scrum Master as a facilitator

Scrum Master as a mentor

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Who should attend ?

With this mindset, the days invested are the most effective.

„Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.“


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